This is the right time to ask for some guidance and help. Due to COVID-19 many schools have realised it is high time to redesign their approach to teaching and learning. The strategies and skills teachers and learners have developed so far, in what we used to call “normal school days” may not be suitable for this new context. As a result, receiving some guidance and support becomes absolutely essential.

I offer you the chance of working together and developing a sustainable and successful path for both, FACE-TO-FACE and VIRTUAL teaching in the following areas:

  • Making learning visible, for learners, teachers, parents, and the whole community. 
  • Bilingual Education: starting or consolidating a bilingual program, taking into consideration: Addressing the gap between the learners’ knowledge and the success criteria in the bilingual program; Bilingual Education for a Wide Range of Learners, to name a few.  
  • PBL 
  • CLIL
  • Early Years and Bilingual instruction. 
  • EFL and Reggio Emilia Approach. 

6 + 1 Stages of the Consultancy Process

1. listening stage

Listening to your challenges, vision, and context is paramount to determine the success of the project. This stage allows me to immerse in your teaching and learning situation and at the same time, helps you to see your school from a different perspective, and find your needs to reach your goals.


Through different tools and strategies, I work on defining the school strengths, needs and areas of improvement.

3. improvement project proposal

I create a project proposal including timing, success criteria, and quotes.


I will work through the project plan with key milestones. If you find it feasible, I will work closely with you and your team to develop recommendations that have the potential for sustainable change for the school.


This is an optional phase with some schools as sometimes they prefer to manage the implementation of the project themselves.

I work with a thoroughly designed roadmap that is a high-level plan with all the key initiatives and, generally I manage the project. In these occasions, I use active development methodology to help the leading teams and teachers understand the challenges ahead and implement the necessary changes to achieve success.


Once I have completed a project this is where together, the school team and me, review what has been achieved, ensure sustainability of the improvements made and formally close the assignment.

7. follow up and refreshment (OPTIONAL)

Sometimes schools find it relevant to ask for a Follow Up plan in a way to offer support to teachers and leading teams along the school year, to make sure the innovation reaches all learners and consolidates. This Follow Up plan can include working with the leading team, the team of teachers, training, coaching and new additional solutions to support the project.

We may start designing an Improvement Project together!

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